Mission Statement

The Canadian Dyslexia Society

Evelyn Reiss, Principal of The Claremont School founded The Canadian Dyslexia Society in 2013 to ensure that students with dyslexia would receive the type of teaching and support they need. The mission of CDS is to certify exemplary teachers who will enable dyslexic students to fulfill their considerable potential and nurture their skills and self-confidence needed to succeed in the world today.

The purposes of the Society are to advance teacher education in the field of dyslexia and to support students with dyslexia by:

a) establishing, maintaining and operating a teacher-training centre that will provide teachers with the theoretical knowledge, skills and pedagogy needed to assist individuals with dyslexia;

b) providing research-based remediation for children, youth and adults with dyslexia-related difficulties so that they may acquire literacy and math skills necessary to fulfill their academic potential, gain confidence and contribute to their communities;

c) providing Psycho-educational Assessments for students at-risk for reading, writing and math difficulties which communicate findings clearly and direct parents and students to appropriate remediation.